This tour is designed to be an actual self-guided bike/hike tour of the southern portion of the Minneapolis chain of lakes, as well as a virtual tour via art.  Susan Savage is a local resident artist who loves the outdoors and has enjoyed touring the lakes again and again. In doing so, she has discovered unique features, rest stops, and vantage points that a casual visitor may not have encountered.

The tour features eight of Susan’s paintings, capturing views not commonly seen in more “cliche” images of the city’s venues. (See tour map )

All are invited to enjoy part or all of the tour, finding the vantage point for each artwork and discovering how the views have evolved over time.

Take time to enjoy the lakes, trees, wildlife, waterways, people, pets and cafes along the way. See first-hand why Minneapolis is known as “The City By Nature”.


If you enjoy the tour or simply like the art:

Canvas Wrap (Giclee) Art Prints or Paper (Giclee) Art Prints are available for purchase. See “Shop”page.  

Select full-sized giclée prints, are available for purchase at Nokomis Beach Gallery [Located at 2726 E. 50th St…east of Lake Nokomis, on a hill overlooking the lake. Nokomis Beach Coffee Shop is right next door.]